How To Set Clock On Samsung Microwave

Samsung microwave come with different control options, including electronic push buttons, dials, and touch controls. Setting the Clock on Your Microwave: A Straightforward Task with Control Type Variations. In this article, we’ll guide you through a set clock Samsung microwave with different control options.

set clock Samsung microwave

Configuring the Time on a Samsung Microwave Equipped with Electronic Push Button Controls

  • Plug In the Microwave: Start by plugging in your microwave if it’s not already connected to power.
  • Locate the Clock Button: Search for a “Clock” or “Time Set” button located on your microwave’s control panel.
  • Press the Clock Button: Depress and hold the “Clock” button until the time display starts flashing or displays “0:00.
  • Set the Time: Before use the number pad or arrow buttons to input the current time. Make sure to set both the hours and minutes correctly.
  • Confirm the Time: After inputting the correct time, press the “Clock” button once more or a “Start” button to confirm and establish the clock.
  • Clock Is Set: The clock on your Samsung microwave is now placed at the appropriate time.

Using the Dial Controls to Set the Clock on a Samsung Microwave

  • Plug In the Microwave: Ensure that your microwave has power by plugging it in.
  • Locate the Dial: On microwaves with dial controls, after that, you will usually find the clock setting near the dial.
  • Turn the Dial: Turn the dial to set the time. Certain models may require you to press and hold the dial before you can make changes to the time.
  • Confirm the Time: After setting the time, confirm it by pressing the dial again or following the specific instructions for your model.
  • Clock Is Set: Your microwave’s clock is now correctly configured.

Configuring the Clock on a Samsung Microwave with Touch Controls

  • Plug In the Microwave: Make sure your microwave is connected to power.
  • Look for the Clock Icon: On touch-control microwaves, you’ll often find a clock icon or “Clock” button on the control panel.
  • Activate the Clock Icon: Touch the clock icon or push the “Clock” button.
  • Set the Time: Use the touchpad to input the current time, including hours and minutes.
  • Confirm the Time: Once you have entered the correct time, tap the “Clock” icon or press a “Start” button to confirm and establish the clock.
  • Clock Is Set: Your Samsung microwave clock set is now configured accurately.


Why should I set the Clock on my Microwave?

Setting the clock allows you to track the time of day and use timer functions accurately. It’s especially useful for cooking and reheating with precise timing.

Can I change the Clock settings if I make a Mistake?

Yes, most microwaves allow you to change the clock settings by repeating the above steps.

What should I do if there is no Clock button or Indicator on my Microwave?

Consult your microwave’s user manual for precise instructions, then the procedure may differ based on the model. With these easy steps, after that you can Samsung microwave set clock, ensuring accurate timing for your cooking and reheating needs.


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