Outback Steakhouse Menu

Go beyond Outback Steakhouse if you’re itching for a taste of the Australian Outback. Since its founding in 1988, this brand of Australian-themed restaurants has gained international recognition for its distinctive selection of succulent steaks. Seafood, poultry meals, and other specialties. We’ll go over the extensive and delectable Outback Steakhouse menu in this blog post, from its signature steaks to the hidden treasures on the hidden menu.

Exploring The Signature Steaks

The delicious steaks at Outback Steakhouse are one of the main draws for customers. Every cut, including Victoria’s Filet Mignon, the New York Strip. The Outback Sirloin, and the Prime Rib, is painstakingly prepared and expertly grilled. The menu offers a wide range of high-quality steak selections for those who enjoy steak.

Beyond Steaks: A Culinary Odyssey

Although steaks are the main attraction, the Outback Steakhouse Menu offers more options to suit a wider range of tastes. There are entrées made with chicken, ribs, spaghetti, salads, stews, and seafood available. With most dishes priced under $30, the varied menu guarantees something for everyone, making it an affordable dining experience for all.

A Glimpse into Outback’s Origins

In Tampa, Florida, Bob Basham, Chris T. Sullivan, Trudy Cooper, and Tim Gannon founded the first Outback Steakhouse. Since its establishment, the brand has grown to include more than a thousand cafes worldwide. Enticing customers with its distinct fusion of food with Australian influences.

Unraveling the Secret Menu and Specials

For the daring diner, Outback Steakhouse offers a secret menu that reveals hidden gems beyond the standard selection. The restaurant also debuts seasonal sweets and limited-edition specials, like the gingerbread cookie martini. Smoked cinnamon pecan old fashioned, and the always-favorite baked potato soup.

Catering to Every Occasion

In addition to offering casual dining, Outback Steakhouse also offers special occasion and private event catering. The catering menu ensures you can experience the Outback anywhere, offering a variety of unique items and group platters.


Outback Steakhouse Menu


Bloomin’ Onion$8.99
Aussie Cheese Fries (Regular)Regular$10.49
Aussie Cheese Fries (Small)Small$8.49
Wings (Mild, Medium, Hot)$10.99
Alice Springs Chicken Quesadillas$10.49
Seared Peppered Ahi$12.99
Steakhouse Quesadillas$12.49
Wood-fire Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie$10.49
Coconut Shrimp$9.99
Aussie Signature Sampler$11.99


Bloom Petals$4.49
Alice Springs Chicken Quesadillas (Small)Small$7.49
Coconut Shrimp (Small)Small$4.99
Seared Peppered Ahi (Small)Small$9.49
Soups & Salads
Baked Potato Soup (Cup)Cup$4.49
Baked Potato Soup (Bowl)Bowl$5.99
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Cup)Cup$4.49
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Bowl)Bowl$5.99
French Onion Soup$6.99
Aussie Cobb Salad$10.99
Aussie Cobb Salad with Chicken$13.99
Steakhouse Salad$13.99
Caesar Salad$9.99
Caesar Salad with Chicken or Shrimp$12.99
House Side Salad$4.99
Caesar Side Salad$4.99
Blue Cheese Wedge Side Salad$5.99
Blue Cheese Pecan Chopped Side Salad$5.99

Signature Steaks

Signature SteaksSizePrice
Victoria’s Filet Mignon 6oz6oz$22.99
Victoria’s Filet Mignon 9oz9oz$27.99
New York Strip 14oz14oz$24.49
Outback Center-cut Sirloin 6oz6oz$13.29
Outback Center-cut Sirloin 8oz8oz$17.29
Outback Center-cut Sirloin 11oz11oz$20.29
T-Bone 22oz22oz$28.49
Ribeye 10oz10oz$20.99
Ribeye 14oz14oz$25.49
Bone-in Natural Cut Ribeye 22oz22oz$28.99
Slow-roasted prime Rib 8oz8oz$19.49
Slow-roasted prime Rib 12oz12oz$22.49
Slow-roasted prime Rib 16oz16oz$24.49
Sirloin & Choice of Shrimp 8oz8oz$20.29
Sirloin & Choice of Shrimp 11oz11oz$22.29
Classic Tenderloin 9.75oz9.75oz$11.99
Classic Tenderloin 13oz13oz$14.99

Steak Styles

Steak StylesPrice
Roasted Garlic Butter Style$1.49
Mushroom Marsala Style$1.99

Surf Add-Ons

Surf Add-OnsPrice
Grilled Shrimp$5.99
Coconut Shrimp$5.99
Jumbo Lump Crab Cake$7.99
Grilled Lobster Tail$10.99
Steamed Lobster Tail$10.99

Forkless Features

Forkless FeaturesPrice
Aussie Steak Tacos$10.99
Aussie Fish Tacos$11.99
Aussie Chicken Tacos$10.99
The Bloomin’ Burger$10.49
The Outback Burger$9.49
Grass-fed burger with Aged Cheddar$12.49
Double Burger$11.49
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$10.99

Straight From The Sea

Straight from the SeaSizePrice
Bacon-Bourbon Salmon 7oz7oz$16.99
Bacon-Bourbon Salmon 10oz10oz$18.99
Perfectly Grilled Salmon 7oz7oz$15.99
Perfectly Grilled Salmon 10oz10oz$17.99
Tilapia with Pure Lump Crab Meat$16.99
Hand-Breaded Shrimp$14.99
Crab Cakes$19.99
Lobster Tails$26.49

Chicken, Ribs, Chops, & More

Chicken, Ribs, Chops, & MoreSizePrice
Parmesan-Herb Crusted Chicken$14.99
Grilled Chicken on the Barbie$13.99
Alice Springs Chicken$15.99
Chicken Tender Platter$12.99
Baby Back Ribs (Full Order)Full Order$21.49
Baby Back Ribs (Half Order)Half Order$16.99
Pork Porterhouse$14.99
New Zealand Lamb$22.49

Freshly Made Potatoes & Sides

Freshly Made Potatoes & SidesSizePrice
Homestyle Mashed Potatoes$2.99
Aussie Fries$2.99
Baked Potato$2.99
Sweet Potato$2.99
Fresh Seasonal Mixed Veggies$2.99
Fresh Steamed Broccoli$2.99
Sauteed Mushrooms$2.99
Baked Potato & Chicken Tortilla Soup (Cup)Cup$4.49
Steakhouse Mac & Cheese$4.99
Broccoli & Cheese$3.99
Loaded Mashed Potatoes$3.99
Grilled Asparagus$3.99

Irresistible Desserts

Irresistible DessertsPrice
Chocolate Thunder from Down Under$7.99
New York-Style Cheesecake$6.99
Salted Caramel Topped Cheesecake$7.99
Triple-Layer Carrot Cake$6.99
Salted Caramel Cookie Skillet$4.99
Double Chocolate or Seasonal Parfaits$4.99


Does Outback Offer senior Discounts?

Seniors are valued customers of Outback Steakhouse, and they frequently receive special discounts. Make sure to inquire about specifics regarding senior discounts from your neighborhood Outback Steakhouse.

What is the Finest Meal to Order at Outback Steakhouse?

The “finest” dinner can be arbitrary because it is determined by individual tastes. Nonetheless, well-liked selections include seafood dishes like Barbie’s inspected shrimp and iconic steaks like Victoria’s Filet Mignon or Outback Sirloin.

Does Outback Steakhouse take Reservations?

Because it depends on personal preferences, the “finest” dinner may be subjectively chosen. However, popular choices include seafood meals such as Barbie’s inspected shrimp and classic steaks like Outback Sirloin or Victoria’s Filet Mignon.

Does Outback Steakhouse Offer delivery or Takeout?

Indeed, Outback Steakhouse provides both delivery and takeaway options because it recognizes the value of convenience. For more information on delivery and takeout options, get in touch with your neighborhood Outback.

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