Subway Sauces Menu

With so many sauce options available, Subway—known for its dedication to using only the freshest ingredients—allows you to customize your sandwich experience. Subway sauces menu knows that are essential to creating the ideal sub, whether spicy, creamy, or tasty favorites. But tremendous flavor also entails great responsibility. It’s critical to consider the nutritional facts of these sauces to make decisions that support your dietary objectives and tastes.


Subway Sauces Menu


Sauce CategorySauceCaloriesFat (g)Sodium (mg)Sugar (g)
Creamy ClassicsMayo1101210001
Creamy ClassicsRanch1101221011
Creamy ClassicsCaesar1101219013
Creamy ClassicsChipotle Southwest1001017034
Creamy ClassicsHoney Mustard602.585110
Spicy OptionsSriracha100152000
Spicy OptionsSweet Chili50010090
Spicy OptionsRed Chili40021080
Spicy OptionsSpicy Mustard50111000
Flavorful FavoritesSweet Onion4006590
Flavorful FavoritesMustard100112000
Flavorful FavoritesVinaigrette40313030
Flavorful FavoritesItalian4047000

Sauce Categories:

Creamy Classics:

1. Mayonnaise: Usually flavorful but high in fat and calories. (Calories, Sugar, Fat, and Sodium)
2. Ranch: Tangy and creamy, but beware of the high-fat content. (Calories, Sugar, Fat, and Sodium)
3. Caesar: A flavorful choice with a touch of Parmesan and garlic. (Calories, Sugar, Fat, and Sodium)
4. Chipotle Southwest: Offers a creamy mouthfeel along with a burst of spice. (Calories, Sugar, Fat, and Sodium)
5. Honey Mustard: A popular choice, it’s tangy and sweet. (Calories, Sugar, Fat, and Sodium)

Spicy Options:

1. Sriracha: Great for heat lovers, but watch the sodium content. (Calories, Sugar, Fat, and Sodium)
2. Sweet Chili: A little spiciness counterbalances sweetness. (Calories, Sugar, Fat, and Sodium)
3. Red chili: Flavors intensely and packs a punch. (Calories, Sugar, Fat, and Sodium)
4. Spicy Mustard: Gives any sandwich a tangy boost. (Calories, Sugar, Fat, and Sodium)

Flavorful Favorites:

1. Sweet Onion: Provides a flavor profile that is both savory and sweet. (Calories, Sugar, Fat, and Sodium)
2. Mustard: Traditional and zesty, without the additional sugar guilt. (Calories, Sugar, Fat, and Sodium)
3. Vinaigrette: This zesty, light dressing is ideal for bringing in some refreshments. (Calories, Sugar, Fat, and Sodium)
4. Italian: A combination of spices and herbs with a touch of the Mediterranean. (Calories, Sugar, Fat, and Sodium)


What sauces does Subway have?

Among the condiments that Subway normally sells are mayonnaise, mustard, chipotle southwest, sweet onion, honey mustard, ranch, BBQ sauce, sriracha, and Subway vinaigrette.

What Sauce Is Good At Subway?

Popular Subway menu items include Sweet Onion, Honey Mustard, and Chipotle Southwest.


With so many sauce options available, Subway sauces menu caters to all palates and lets you personalize your sandwich to your liking. Enjoying your favorite flavors in moderation is possible if you are aware of the nutritional information supplied for each sauce. Whether you like spicy dishes, creamy classics, or tasty favorites, Subway makes sure your sandwich experience is satisfying and takes into account your dietary requirements. So go ahead and up your sub-game by exploring Subway’s fiery side!

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