How To Set Clock On Your LG Microwave

Microwaves have evolved into essential kitchen appliances, and the LG Microwaves in your modern kitchen are a prime example. While it effortlessly heats your favorite meals, setting the clock might seem daunting. Fear not! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to set the clock on your LG Microwave, whether it’s equipped with electronic push-button controls or dial controls.


LG Microwave

Setting the Clock on an LG Microwave with Electronic Push-button Controls

1.  Locate the Clock Button: On LG Microwaves with electronic push-button controls, finding the clock-setting feature is the first step. Search for a specifically designated “Clock” button on the control panel.

 2.  Press the Clock Button: After locating the Clock button, proceed to press it. This action may prompt the display to show the current time or enter the clock-setting mode directly.

3.  Set the Time: Use the number pads to input the correct time. Be attentive to the AM and PM indicators, especially if your microwave operates on a 12-hour time format.

4.  Confirm the Time: Following the input of the correct time, press the Clock button once more or use a designated “Start” button to confirm and finalize the clock settings.

Done! Your LG Microwaves with electronic push-button controls should now display the correct time.


How to Set Clock on LG Microwave with Dial Controls

1.  Locate the Timer/Dial: On microwaves with dial controls, the timer dial often serves a dual purpose for setting the clock.

2.  Select the Clock Mode: Turn the dial to the clock symbol or a designated position for the clock setting. Typically, this position is marked on the control panel.

3.  Set the Time: Rotate the dial to adjust the hours and minutes. Be sure to observe the AM and PM indicators, particularly if your microwave operates on a 12-hour time format. This ensures accurate time representation.

4.  Confirm the Time: Once you have set the correct time, press the dial or a dedicated confirmation button to lock in the settings.

5.  You’re Set! Your LG Microwaves with dial controls should now display the accurate time.



Why is Setting the Clock important on my Microwave?

Setting the clock on your microwave is crucial for the accurate timing of your cooking and reheating processes. It also enables you to use timer functions effectively.

What should I do if my Microwave displays Military time?

If your microwave displays time in a 24-hour format (military time) and you prefer a 12-hour format, check the user manual for instructions on how to switch between the two.

Can I set the Clock without referring to the User Manual?

Although the steps outlined here are generally applicable, it’s advisable to refer to your microwave’s user manual for instructions specific to your model. The manual may provide additional details or variations that ensure accurate clock settings for your particular microwave.



Mastering the art of setting the clock on your LG Microwave is a small yet essential skill that ensures precise cooking and time management in your kitchen. Whether you navigate electronic push-button controls or turn a dial, following these steps will have you in control of time in no time!

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