How To Cut Potatoes

Potatoes are a versatile and cherished ingredient in countless dishes worldwide. Whether you’re making a hearty stew, crispy fries, or a creamy potato salad, mastering the art of how to cut potatoes is a fundamental kitchen skill. In this blog, we will lead you through the process of cutting potatoes with precision and efficiency.We’ll cover everything from cleaning and various cutting techniques to storing potatoes then keeping an eye on the calorie content, and conclude with some essential tips. So, let’s delve into the realm of potato preparation!

How to Cut Potatoes

How to Clean Potatoes

Before delving into the cutting process, it’s essential to begin with clean potatoes. Here’s how to clean them effectively:

1. Rinse Under Cold Water: Place the potatoes under running cold water and use a brush or your hands to remove any dirt and debris.

2. Scrub Gently: For stubborn dirt or blemishes then use a brush or a cloth to scrub the potato’s skin gently.

3. Pat Dry: After cleaning, gently pat the potatoes dry with a clean towel or a paper towel.

Different Ways to Cut Potatoes

Potatoes can be cut in various ways, depending on the recipe you’re following. Here are some of the most commonly used cutting styles:

  • Cubes: Ideal for use in stews, soups, and roasting.
  • Slices: Ideal for scalloped potatoes, chips, and au gratin dishes.
  • Wedges: Great for oven-baked potato wedges and fries.
  • Julienned: Used in dishes like hash browns or potato nests.
  • Mashed: Essential for creamy mashed potatoes.

Tips for Cutting Potatoes

1. Choose the Right Potato: Different potato varieties are best suited for specific dishes, so choose wisely.

2. Sharp Knives and Stable Cutting Boards: Use a sharp knife and a stable cutting board to ensure clean cuts and maintain safety.

3. Wash and Peel: Thoroughly wash and peel your potatoes, eliminating any dirt or imperfections.

4. Uniformity: Cutting potatoes into uniform sizes ensures even cooking.

5. Safety First: Be cautious while handling sharp knives and practice safe cutting techniques.

Tricks for Cutting Potatoes

1. Microwave Assistance: Briefly microwave your potatoes to soften them before cutting for easier handling.

2. Chopstick Guide: Place chopsticks on either side of the potato to create a natural stopper for your knife preventing accidental cuts through the entire potato.

3. Hasselback Technique: Create evenly spaced slices on a potato without cutting all the way through because it allows for unique presentations and even cooking.

How to Store Potatoes

Proper potato storage is vital to prevent spoilage and preserve freshness. Here’s how to do it:

1. Cool, Dark Place: Store potatoes in a cool, dark well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight.

2. Avoid Refrigeration: Avoid storing potatoes in the refrigerator, then the cold can convert their starch to sugar, which can negatively affect their taste and texture.

3. Keep Them Dry: To prevent moisture buildup before storing potatoes in a breathable container or a paper bag.

Calories in Potato

The calorie content of a potato can fluctuate depending on its size and how it’s prepared.

Here’s a rough estimate of the calories in various types of potatoes:

  • Russet Potato (medium, approximately 5.3 ounces or 150 grams):
  • Baked with skin: Approximately 150 calories
  • Boiled without skin: Approximately 134 calories
  • Mashed potato calories with butter and milk: Approximately 225-250 calories
  • Red Potato (medium, approximately 5.3 ounces or 150 grams):
  • Boiled Potato calories without skin: Approximately 119 calories
  • Sweet Potato (medium, about 5.3 ounces or 150 grams):
  • Baked with skin: Approximately 180-200 calories
  • Mashed with butter and brown sugar: Approximately 180-220 calories


Mastering the skill of cutting potatoes is a fundamental step in your culinary journey from cleaning to choosing the right cut and storing them properly because these tips and tricks will help you make the most out of this versatile ingredient. Additionally, being conscious of the calorie content in potato dishes can aid you in making healthier choices while still enjoying the deliciousness of potatoes. So, go ahead, practice your potato-cutting skills, and savor the results!

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